style+culture: fall style ideas??

just a few ideas:

  1. VELVET. try a velvet dress, maybe in a darker color. layer it over a t shirt and w kickass boots.
  2. mom jeans and grandpa sweaters.
  3. fishnets!!! fishnetsfishnetsfishnets omg just get them ok
  4. buy a plain baseball cap in a darker color– you can get them hella cheap on amazon. then buy some patches (also on amazon).
  5. fuzzy sweaters and jackets. the kind of fuzz is up to you. but make sure it shows.
  6. creepers. puma x rihanna ones are amaaaaazing but so damn expensive so knockoffs work too?
  7. stick and poke. 🙂 {side note: do not attempt if you don’t have good tools or don’t know how. be careful and have good judgement if you attempt this ok?}
  8. mini backpacks for all your mini shit. way better than plain old handbags
  9. interesting socks.
  10. anything forest green; or aubergine purple.
  11. tea!!!!

ok thats all i got for now

comment if you have any more you think should be added


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