for the semi confused: loving a scar


i just wanna talk about scars for a minute.

surgery scars. self-induced scars. battle scars. scars you were born with. scars that were forced on you.

emotional scars. physical scars. mental scars. verbal scars.

raised scars. indented scars. long scars, short scars, bumpy scars, red scars, white scars, faded scars, wide scars, smooth scars, scars you can’t see and scars you can feel.

i’m not going to give you the it’s-badass talk, though, because for many, their scars are not badass. their scars are hard to deal with and think about. hard to expose to the world.

but my main point is that it’s important to recognize that your scars should be a personal symbol of strength. you survived. you are surviving. and for that reason, they make you all the more beautiful, all the more stronger, all the more alive.

i love the four inch long scar on the back of my arm because looking at it makes me feel powerful. people asking me about it and cracking borderline jokes about it don’t bother me anymore because of the meaning it holds for me, personally.

yeah that’s about it

just something i’ve been thinking about lately




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