style + culture: vintage fall ideas???


throwback ideas for fall (use as you wish). all can be found thrifting.

  1. mom jeans, any color wash. buy them online if you have the money. otherwise, hit the nearest thrift shop. (check the jeans a size up from yours. they might be a little more mom jean-y because they’ll hang loser). another place to look is–big surprise–a mom’s closet. y’know, because they’re mom jeans. (dads also. try dad’s closet too) . try rolling them up a little bit so they’re just above your shoes.
  2. eighties sweaters. try big, warm, cozy, usually with ridiculous patterns in putrid colors. the thing is, if you can pull one off, you will literally be a superhero. but if you can’t, eighties sweaters designed for men will have the same retro effect, but more toned down and chill. the bigger the sweater, the better it is, unless it’s like down to your knees, in which case you can ROCK IT YES or cut it or tie it or something. wear with said mom jeans or with a skirt because you can.
  3. denim skirts. not the mini kind, the longer kind with the buttons in the front.
  4. doc martens. they’re hella expensive though, and hard to break in, so buy them on ebay or craigslist or something. pretty timeless.
  5. if you have shoulder length or longer hair, put it in a ponytail after the shower and then use a flatiron or whatever to crimp it into those retro waves. actually maybe don’t because i have never done that before and just made it up right now…whatever it sounds legit right

1960s-fall-fashion.jpg (390×321)



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