opinion: personal and general stereotypes


hey guys.

actually i’m not totally sure who “guys” is, as apparently my site has no readers. whatever they’ll come eventually right


everyone has a personal stereotype, as an individual. for example in eighth grade, my way of dealing with my personal shit was to act all happy all the time. i sprayed out complements like saliva. i’m grinning manically in every picture taken of me in that time period. i laughed and made jokes to project the image that i was fine (i wasn’t). so when i actually had a breakdown at any point everyone was super shocked because my stereotype was The Happy Girl Who Is Nice And Happy, Did We Mention Happy.

or like a less extreme example is that i had a friend who in freshman year wore sunglasses three consecutive days in a row, and became Sunglasses Boy. Sunglasses Boy was pretty chill and wore sunglasses. that was his stereotype. if he didn’t wear sunglasses, everyone would notice and be like oh huh where’s your sunglasses man? why aren’t you wearing them? even though he had basically only worn sunglasses once.

(people can have more than one personal stereotype–my friend was also known for having a love of thai iced teas. so he was Thai Iced Tea Kid and also Sunglasses Boy. He probably also had more.)

ok bigger picture.

a general stereotype, as you probably know, is a forced idea on a group of people. Like, Girls Like Pink And Princesses. Guys Like Trucks And Guns. And Working Out.

and there are worser (i know that’s not a word okay but it works in this situation so shut your damn grammer militia) stereotypes, racist ones, ones that are used for discrimination worldwide.

obviously, these stereotypes are horrible and offensive and not at all true.

but they exist, and it sucks.

and personal stereotypes exist too, and they suck as well, though oftentimes they aren’t quite as harmful as general ones, as they apply to one person and general ones apply to masses.

basically the point i’m trying to make is that we should not conform people to little boxes. we need to stop thinking of a person as one thing based on what we know about them, surface level.

i guess you guys already know that though. it’s just been on my mind a lot recently.

here’s a link with a video that you guys should definately watch, related to the subject.

The Danger Of A Single Story–Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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